Custom Candles LA - Los Angeles Manufacturer of Eco-Friendly Custom Soy Candles for Promotions, Weddings & Private Label products.

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Our Custom Candles can be manufactured in over 100 fragrances!

Products are all priced with Fragrances from our Standard Scents collection. Products can be manufactured unscented or with a Natural Essential Oil scents from our Natural Collection.

Floral Collection - Floral fantasies of flower bouquets and exquisite gardens

Fruit Collection - Sweet, vivid and juicy

Gentleman's Collection - Leathery, woody and earthy

Tropical Collection - Vacation paradise memories

Zen Collection - Soothing, complex and herbal scents

Bakery Collection - Warm, Rich, Sweet & Tart Fragrances

Cocktail Collection - Liquor aromatics, traditional beverages and food fragrances

Aromatherapy Collection - Natural Essential Oils*

*Additional cost for natural essential oils

Christmas Holiday Collection - When it's 'Tis the Season

Fall Holiday Collection - Warm, familiar fragrances that bring home